Mindstorm Lego

LEGO MINDSTORMS is an expansion set of the well-known LEGO.
With this set you use a control module to have your self-built creation move and perform tasks, after you have provided engines and sensors. With the different sensors that respond to light, touch and sound etc., the possibilities are endless.

What can I do with LEGO MINDSTORMS?
You can build robots with a "controller" / "intelligent brick", link different engines and sensors and program these. Via a laptop or tablet, you can use the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 program with a Blockly-like environment to build your codes.

Can I borrow a LEGO MINDSTORMS set?
You may borrow a set for one week by filling out a borrowing form.

Want to know more?
Please come by the HUB lab! You find us at Padualaan 99, room 2.001.
Our regular opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
Other questions, or prefer to make an appointment? Contact us at HUBlab@hu.nl.