Teach VR

What is Teach VR?
Teach VR is an educational  Virtual Reality platform.
The content is created and shared by teachers and educational professionals. The lessons fit the (Dutch) curriculum and are in line with the learning targets

What can I do with Teach VR?
With Teach VR you have the opportunity to create your own lessons and presentations in VR. You can share and experience these with a whole group. Because you can also classify by specialty, Teach VR is suitable for every educational institution.
You can upload your own 360◦ photos or choose one or more photos from the Google Streetview360 database.
It also contains readymade lessons with search functions, categorized by subject area and school year.
Suitable for: Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and VR Cardboard.

Want to know more?
Please come by the HUB lab! You find us at Padualaan 99, room 2.001.
Our regular opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
Other questions, or prefer to make an appointment?
Contact us at HUBlab@hu.nl