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  • Boom Digitale Bibliotheek

  • Boomportaal

  • BSL/Springer e-book collectie

    Ebooks in the field of health.

  • Ebook Central

    Platform with access to mostly English-language books. The Hogeschool Utrecht collection is under construction. For information on downloading, click here.

  • Ebsco

    Collection of English books by well-known publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Wiley, Routledge, etc. The topics are as diverse as the courses. If you want to create and save notes in one of the books from this collection, or if you want to create 'alerts', you need a personal account. To create a personal account, go to "Sign in" on the homepage. For information on dowloading Ebsco Ebooks, click here.

  • InTechOpen

    Open access ebooks in the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine.

  • Online Books Page : Electrical Engineering, Computer networks, The

    Online access to about 25 ebooks.

  • OVID Ebooks

    The faculty of healthcare has obtained several Ebooks from OVID.
    It concerns mostly books in the field of eye care. The collection is however growing on other fields in healthcare.

  • Project Gutenberg

  • Pubmed

    Biomedical database with a growing collection of free online books.

  • Safari Books Online Current File

    Extensive e-book collection on IT, Digital Media, Business and Engineering subjects such as Project Management, Game Programming, Enterprise Computing, Mobile Development, Linux/Unix, Java, Web Development and Databases.
    Contains many publications from known publishers such as O'Reilly, Cisco, Sams, IBM, Microsoft, Addison-Wesley, Wiley and Prentice Hall.