Library access browser extension

Library Access browser extension
Working on your research, thesis or article at home? Use the Library Access browser extension tool! This way you have even easier access to scientific articles at home. Directly from your browser, you gain access to scientific articles, journals and databases from the HU Library collection.

The browser extension is already available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer will soon be added. You can download it for free.

How does it work?
If you visit a HU Library licensed website, you receive a notification. Then it is just a matter of clicking once to open that website via the library, and to access all the licensed material.
The browser extension displays an icon in your toolbar. This works more or less as a traffic light. If the icon is green, you are logged in. Is the icon gray? Then you have no access. If you want to use an article that does not seem to be accessible, Library Access will search for an open source version of the article.

The extension only works on desktops or laptops.
After you have installed the browser extension, it is ready to use!