Download ebooks

The download possibilities for ebooks vary by provider. Here's a quick guide to download from eBrary, Ebsco and MyiLibrary.

How to download eBrary ebooks

- You can only download titles with a free personal account
- The publisher determines if and how many pages you are allowed to download. This varies per title.
- In order to download a complete book you need Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). ADE is available on all HU computers, but since ADE works with an HU licence, anything you download at the HU cannot be viewed at home and vice versa, so it is useful to also download this program on your "home" computer.
- Note: if you click on the download button and nothing seems to happen, click on the message at the top of your screen “To help protect your security Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer” and choose “Download file “. Now go back to the title you selected & once more click on the Download button.


Download Ebsco ebooks

- To download an ebook from Ebsco you will need a free personal EBSCOhost account.
- Not all titles can be downloaded. The publishers decide this.
- You can download  a title for a number of days.  
- For your PC you will need Adobe Digital Editions. This can be downloaded from the Internet. You will also need a personal account for ADE. 
HU-staff can download Adobe Digital Editions from the Application Catalog.
It is best to open Ebsco ebooks in the browsers Chrome or Firefox.