The HU Copyright information point (AIP) gives information and support regarding copyright in higher education.
We are in contact with the HU Legal Department and Information Management. HU AIP is affiliated with the national platform of AIP at other educational institutions in the Netherlands.

You can contact us at:

Students and teachers can contact us for advice, workshops or presentations on:

  • how to find material that you can re-use
  • what are creative commons licenses
  • what forms of re-use play a role in education
  • how to cite & reference text, images, video
  • what databases within the HU are available and if and how you can re-use materials from them
  • liability during internships outside the HU
  • differences between Dutch, and international rules for copyright in higher education

General information on copyrights in education in the Netherlands can be found here:

Students keep copyrights for their own original work. Publishing of student work is always on a voluntary bases.
If a company where an internship is fulfilled wants to claim rights, it is advised to put down an agreement in writing.


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