Lending regulations

The following HU library lending regulations are valid as of September 1st 2017.

Article 1 Borrowers

  1. There are various memberships:
    1. HU students and employees: Students and employees are automatically registered.
      They may borrow items by presenting their student card or HU library card.
      HU employees receive a bar code at the library desk and are able to borrow using this code.       
    2. Students and employees of the Utrecht University (UU):
      They may register free of charge by showing proof of identity.
      University students are requested to bring a valid student card, University staff members their University library card.
    3. Temporary HU students or employees:
      They may register free of charge.
      HU course members: by showing a valid student card or certificate of enrolment.
      Alumni: by showing a (copy of) diploma and proof of identity  .
      Former HU employees: by showing proof of identity.
    4. Secondary school pupils:
      They may register free of charge by showing proof of identity and address.       
    5. Libraries:
      Other libraries may request HU publications for their own members. School libraries may place loan requests. Pupils collect the item(s) themselves.
    6. Other library users:
      Others may register by paying an annual membership of € 20,00 and by showing proof of identity.
  2. Only membership group 1 has access to the digital collection of the HU library.
Membership costs Borrow at the HUB Access borrower information
Access databases Inter library loan Borrow at the University Utrecht Library
Student HU  Free of charge Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Employee HU Free of charge Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Student UU Free of charge Yes No No No Does not apply 
Employee UU Free of charge Yes No No No Does not apply
Alumni Free of charge Yes No No Yes No
Temporary HU students or employees (such as HU course members, former HU employees) Free of charge Yes No No Yes No
Secondary school pupils Free of charge  Yes  No  No  No  No 
Library (Other libraries or school libraries) Free of charge Yes No No No No
Other library users            €20,00 per year Yes No No Yes No

Table: facilities per membership.

Article 2 Borrowing policy

  1. The number of items which may be borrowed is limitless.
  2. It is not permitted to lend borrowed items to third parties.

Article 3 Lending period and renewal

  1. The HU library has three lending periods: 28 days, week loan and day loan. Day loan items must be returned the same day, before the HU library in question closes.
  2. Borrowed items may be returned at both HU library locations.
  3. The lending period of a publication can be renewed 12 times, or until another borrower reserves the publication.
  4. If the lending period is exceeded, a fine will be charged, see article 4.

Article 4 Fine system

  1. If the lending period is exceeded, the HU library charges a fine of € 0.25 for each publication per working day. The fine for day loan items is € 2.00 for each publication per working day.
  2. A month after exceeding the lending period, standard replacement costs will be charged. 
  3. When an outstanding amount is owed of € 5,00 and up, the borrower is no longer allowed to borrow, renew or reserve publications until the amout is paid.   

Article 5 Reservations

  1. Publications that are either available at the HU libraries or checked out can be reserved free of charge.  Reserved items will stay on hold for 5 working days, from the date of notification.

Article 6 Borrowing at the Utrecht University library (UUL)

  1. HU students and employees may use the facilities of the Utrecht University Library free of charge. Students register by presenting their student card. HU employees need a letter from the HU library which is available at the lending desks. ID and proof of address are required.

Article 7 Interlibrary loan (IBL)

  1. If a requested publication (book or magazine article) is not available at any of the HU libraries, it is possible to put in a request for publications or copies from magazine articles at other libraries.
  2. Requesting books and articles is free of charge for (temporary) HU employees. Other borrowers pay € 5,50 for a book or article request.
  3. The costs of an interlibrary request from a library abroad are €15. Please note: a book requested from a library abroad is for inspection at the HU library only.

Article 8 Responsibility

  1. The person in whose name items are borrowed, remains responsible for the items.
  2. The borrower has to pay the replacement costs for lost or damaged items.
  3. The HU library is not responsible for damage caused by borrowed items.

Article 9 Additional provisions

  1. The HU library is responsible for protecting the borrower's personal information, according to the rules and regulations stated in the "Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens”. (As of May 25th 2018, the "Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming" applies)   
  2. In cases where these regulations do not apply, the management team of the HU library will decide.

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